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Club Tree Project

Background information

The Club Tree Project is an initiative working to improve tree productivity through integration of Biotechnology techniques in traditional propagation systems.

UGT in conjunction with the National Forestry Research Institute (NaFORRI) and the Gatsby Club Network in 2006 embark on a project of afforestation through planting of clonal trees (species like eucalyptus, pine and cypress are sought). The project which is supported by Kilimo Trust has cost approximately US$ 880,000. It is planned that 8 million trees will be planted by 2010 across the country. The project envisages the commercialization of clonal tree technology to bring about sustainable tree planting to cater for domestic wood and timber needs and generate income for the club members and rural community in the implementing districts. The project is also expected to lead to less pressure on indigenous forests, increase environmental protection and poverty alleviation.

The Tree Project Vision is to be a centre of excellence in the transfer, adoption and diffusion of proven technologies in tree improvement.

The Project's Mission is to make a significant contribution to the improvement of forest conservation and production through technologies that are environmentally friendly, socially acceptable, economically viable and culturally compatible.


Specific objectives of the Club Tree Project include the following:

  • Promote sustainable forestry and wide spread distribution of improved varieties of trees at low cost
  • Make a significant environmental contribution in the form of reduction in deforestation in Uganda
  • Positively impact on poverty through access to affordable wood products and household income
  • Advantages of tree propagated through biotechnology

  • Production of large numbers of pathogen and pest free ( disease free) plantlets In a short time.
  • The plants grow faster than the conventional planting material
  • Vegetative propagation, supported by clonal technology ensures other transfer and retention of desirable characteristics such as uniform growth in plantation - a considerable advantage in commercial forestry, where market requires getting consistent quantity and quality crops in a scheduled period of time.

Distribution centers

Planting material suitable for each agro-ecological zone of Uganda can be obtained from Gatsby regional nurseries in: Mbale (next to NFA) along Tororo high way, Fort Portal at Kyembogo DATIC and Kifu Clonal Nursery in Mukono.

The Trust implements several activities, which enable intimate interaction between the staff of the Faculty of Technology and SMEs.

For further information on the club tree project, contact us.